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How do I sign up for lessons?
You can register either in person at our store or online with the "Register Now" link. After registering, we will work with you on scheduling your day and time. You can also call us (585) 265-1210 or email us at to get the process started.

When can I start?
We can start you pretty much any time. The Music School runs year round and doesn't have any "semesters" that can confine the learning. When you are ready, so are we.

Do you offer OnlIne lessons?
Yes we do. Given today's uncertainty, we can offer private lessons in real time so that you can learn and enjoy your instrument while maintaining social distancing practices.

How many lessons do I need?
Musical learning never ends. As long as you are learning, enjoying playing, and finding inspiration, we think you will find that the number of lessons doesn't become an issue.

How long will it take me to learn?
This is really an impossible question to answer because every student is different. But, we feel that 3 months is a good "looking back" point. This will give you a good look at how far you have come and a positive outlook moving forward.

Can I schedule just one lesson?
Yes you can! We call them "1-offs" and can usually accommodate your schedule to get you learning. The cost for a "1-offs" is $30 for 30 minutes and $53 for 60 minutes.

Online or InStudio: 4 for $109

You choose what is best for you. Now is a perfect time to take those lessons you have always wanted. Schedule 4 lessons per month and watch how your music grows!

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