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We supply quality instruments at competitive prices and carry the accessories/supplies that you will need, including music books. You can Rent-to-own, OR... just rent our instruments:
String Rentals | Band Rentals.


  • "Buy-out" the instrument at any time during the rental period with a 30% discount applied to your remaining balance.
  • Monthly payments are easy with Auto-Pay from your credit card every month. Return the instrument at any time without penalty.
  • Our repair shop keeps your instrument playing properly throughout your Rent-to-Own term. We offer a quick turnaround without sacrificing the quality of the work.
  • Damage & Repair coverage is required for $4.99 per month, $7.99 per month for wooden clarinet and saxophone.
  • There is an additional charge for mouth pieces that differ from the one supplied by the manufacturer.

Rent-To-Own Price
Alto Sax $34.99
Clarinet (composite) $19.99
Clarinet (wood) $34.99
Flute (closed hole) $13.99
Flute (open hole) $19.99
Percussion Bell Kit $17.99
Percussion Bell Kit w/Snare Drum $25.99
Trombone (tenor) $19.99
Tenor Sax $39.99
Trombone ("F" attachment) $34.99
Trumpet $19.99

How to Rent...

For "Rent-to Own" brass and woodwind instruments with automatic PayPal recurring billing, please fill out this Online Form to get on board.

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Please note, you are always welcome to stop in and have our staff help you in person. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.