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The Music School at The Music Store has been offering the best in private music instruction for over 30 years. One-on-One lessons that can be customized to fit the needs of the individual student blended with the traditions of music learning.

Whether you're six or sixty, playing music is one of the only things you can do that is truly for yourself. With our guidance and your effort, there is a life time of enjoyment to be had.

Due to Covid-19, we are offering online lessons using ZOOM. ZOOM is easy to use. And... you will learn how you can connect with friends and family with this video conferencing technology.

Usng ZOOM for the 1st time

Our teachers are experienced and versatile allowing each student to be comfortable learning in an atmosphere that highlights the enjoyment of learning to play music. If you're a beginner wanting to get started or already a player that wants to get to the next level, we can help you achieve your goals...and maybe help you set some new ones. With our guidance and your effort, there is a life time of enjoyment to be had.

We offer private lessons for violin and viola as well as guitar, piano, banjo, bass guitar, drums and percussion, mandolin, ukulele, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone and euphonium. The Music Store also offers adult music theory classes for those who want in-depth learning into "what it's all about."

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