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String Instruments Rentals (Rent-Only)

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  • The prices for Rent-only instruments is for payment in full and due at the time of rental.
  • String Instruments are sized for the student. If you do not know your size, we are happy to measure the student and fit them to the appropriate instrument.
  • Damage & Repair is required for each rental and allows us to keep your instrument playing at their best.
  •  Exchange an instrument size at any time.

Rent-Only String Instruments Price Term Damage & Repair  
Violin $99.99 School Year $17.99 Rent
Viola $99.99 School Year $17.99 Rent
Cello $189.99 School Year $39.99 Rent
Rent-Only String Instruments Price Term Damage & Repair  
Violin $39.99 3-month $9.99 Rent
Viola $39.99 3-month $9.99 Rent
Cello $69.99 3-month $19.99 Rent


How to Rent...

For "Rent Only" instruments (where you are paying a one-time amount for a school year, summer or 3-month term) choose the "Rent" button next to the instrument that you want to get.
NOTE: School Year rentals begin August 10

You are always welcome to stop in and have our staff help you in person. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.